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Category: An ERP Consultant’s Life

Category ini ditujukan untuk sharing seputar aktifitas kehidupan ERP consultant

Skills Needed to Become a Good ERP Consultant

It is always an interesting topic to discuss the needs of capable human resources and its availability in the market. In every field of business, the key to success of a company depends on whether the company is run or supported by good pool of human resources. This is important particularly in the service industry where its revenue depends much on the performance of its employees.

We often think that there is mismatch between the qualification of new graduates and the industry’s requirements. In a fast-changing environment, such as Information Technology, there are gaps between what industries currently do and the curriculum that students take. As a result, new graduates are not immediately ready to contribute to the business world. They need to be trained which takes time and resources.

GO Live Strategy – Parallel Run vs Cut Off

Mei 31, 2014. Marked the last day of an IT implementation in one of our client, starting tomorrow a new SAP system will be used. As usual, project team comprises of consultants and client’s team members gathered from noon to ensure a smooth process of data transfer, ie ending balance. Since this was a retail client, most critical data transfer started after their retail stores closed which was at 10PM. This has been a routine activity for me as consultant, staying up late the night before the new systems Go Live, we often camped overnight at project site for the next 2-3 days waiting for the data to be ready.

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