Surabaya Seminar : 8 Tips Successful IT System Implementation

Are you currently considering implementing a new IT system? or replace your existing IT system, because it is not in fit anymore with the needs of your company?

Surabaya Seminar: 8 Tips Successful IT System Implementation

But based on your past experience implementing new system is never been an easy task. Never ending project, system does not go smoothly, and there is operational chaos.

What should be considered in investing in IT systems, and how the process of implementing new IT systems in the company can run well, and deliver the expected results.

PT. Sterling Tulus Cemerlang – as GOLD Parnter SAP Indonesia, would like to share our experience in handling over 300 companies ranging from micro, small to multinational companies, in the following seminars.

8 Tips Successful IT System Implementation
Why New IT System Fail?
Surabaya, 17 Oktober 2017, 08:00 – 13:00
Garden Palace Hotel

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